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SPE: A-NZ President Letter

I hope you had a wonderful break and an amazing start to this year. I would like to use this opportunity to explain SPE ANZ's plan for the 2024 year and discuss a few important topics with you.

This year, our plan is focused more on active collaboration with other associations and organisations and active events for our members and supporters. We have some new and exciting programs that you can check below and on our website.

SPE membership cost is negligible for a professional (135 USD) and apart from many other technical advantages you will receive, you will have all the investment back just from the ticket discount you will receive as our members in 1-2 of our events.


However, unlike other corporate associations, SPE ANZ will receive only a small portion of your membership payment (10%) from SPE HQ in the USA so we are totally reliant on your direct support for all of our activities.


I would like to ask for your generous support and sponsorship that allow us to enhance our programs, extend our reach, and provide invaluable resources to our members and the wider community. In return, we try to provide you with some benefits that you can share within your organisation.  

  • Free SPE membership. That gives you and your employees a great key to access a wealth of SPE international databases, technical libraries, a wide range of technical webinars and training courses etc.

  • Free or discounted tickets. Becoming an SPE member already gives you lower rates to attend our events but you will also be eligible for a few free or discounted tickets for our events.

  • Promotion. We add your logo and services as text in our website and newsletters, which are distributed to our list (close to 5000 subscribers)


Even if you are in a tight financial situation, but you still would like to offer your support in a kind gesture, we introduced a new type of sponsorship that is only for $300, you can be our friend as an SPE supporter. In return, we will promote your logo and business in all of our newsletters as a token of appreciation. I hope I can see many friends of SPE coming forward that encourage us to move forward stronger and more confident.


Below, you can find more information about SPE ANZ sponsorship and also some of our plans for upcoming events.


Hamed Ghajarnia



SPE: A-NZ Section Ltd

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