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SPE: A-NZ President Letter

This is my first letter in 2023 so I wish you had a great holiday break and a fantastic start to the year.

Our program team are working hard to bring to you technical and informative events program so while it can add to your professional knowledge, it opens new topics that are relevant and interesting to our members and industry.

You can find a few of our finalised events at the bottom of this newsletter but more will be announced soon. Please let us know what you think about our program and if you have any suggestions about any new topics you would like us to cover.

Save the Dates

Plastics and Circular Economy 2023

10 - 13th of October

Bold systemic changes are required in Australasia to move from poor circularity and high emissions to a sustainable, viable future. This conference explores these options with outstanding decision-makers and influencers leading in their fields in Australia, NZ, Asia, EU and US. This year's sessions will explore pending and potential beneficial laws and regulations, including bans, economic incentives, investments and viability, supply chains and trends that positively impact design, production, sales, recovery and reprocessing, imports and exports. We will release more information about this conference soon. So until then save these dates in your calendar and keep them free. Registration will be open soon.

SPE Sponsorship

Sponsorship and events are the only two revenue stream for SPE ANZ that enable us to provide services to our members and industry. SPE ANZ is not a corporate organisation and running by volunteers from the industry who are spending a lot of time to make sure we can play a role for the good of our members and industry and be your voice wherever needed. Sponsorship is the best way that you can show your support which will help us to remain active and do our job well. In return, we try to provide you with some benefits that you can share within your organisation.

  • Free SPE membership. That gives you and your employees a great key to access a wealth of SPE international databases, technical libraries, a wide range of technical webinars and training courses etc.

  • Free or discounted tickets. Becoming an SPE member already gives you lower rates to attend our events but you will also be eligible for a few free or discounted tickets for our events.

  • Promotion. We add your logo and services as text in our website and newsletters which are distributed to our list (close to 5000 subscribers)

However, I really like you to look at sponsoring SPE not only from the business and marketing point of view for your organisation but from the support you can provide us to exist and provide service to you and the plastics industry. This support is much more valuable for us although financial support is also crucial.

Therefore, we would like to introduce another type of sponsorship which as per the suggestion of our committee members will be for a symbolic fee of a minimum of $300 (you can add as much as you like) and I would like to call it SPE Supporters. For that, we will add your logo (linked to your website) to our website and newsletter (but no further benefits).

I would really like to see so many SPE Supporters logos in near future on our website and newsletter. Help us to be your voice. If you would like to be the SPE Supporter, please click below.

National plastics Recycling Scheme

"The National Plastics Recycling Scheme (NPRS) project is being developed by Australia’s food and grocery manufacturing industry with funding support from the federal government. The NPRS project is designing Australia’s largest industry-led plastics recycling scheme, taking hard-to-recycle soft plastic packaging out of waste streams and giving it new life.

The NPRS project will make it easier for people to recycle soft plastics at home and creates a new advanced recycling industry here in Australia that can turn used soft plastics back into new food-grade packaging. This creates a circular plastics loop and cleaner recycling streams for all materials, including paper and cardboard. The NPRS project unites brand owners, manufacturers, recyclers and consumers in one powerful, nationwide scheme to transform our plastics problems into circular solutions."

It would be great if you can participate and have your voice there. Do it now!

The EOI has been loaded onto the AFGC NPRS website for all people to download and fill in and return. Alternatively, you can write an email and send it to the NPRS email address. Below is the full NPRS website link with more information that you can use to forward to colleagues where the pdf files will be available for download.

As a last point in this Newsletter, please be in touch with me and let me know what you would like to see from us and how we can be more supportive of you and our plastic industry.

Hamed Ghajarnia


SPE: A-NZ Section

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