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Automation and Materials Handling

This joint PIMA/SPE seminar is aiming to prepare you and your organisation better for Automation in preparation for Industry 4.0. Our plastics converting industry is only at the beginning of the potential of this new era.

With automation there is an important role for Pick and Place Robots. Peter Lucas of

Wittmann-Battenfeld will present examples and show the advantages of using this technology.

Ray Mallet of GMD Innovation will present on innovation in plastic bottle capping. Improved efficiency in the bottle capping process will save materials, energy and labour. The answer to fixed diameter & friction disc capping chucks is: GMD Innovations’ New Generation Compliance Capping Chucks.

The introduction of 5-axis and 6-axis robots will result in further improvement in productivity and efficiency. David Husband of Robotic Automation will present the benefits of using this equipment and downstream materials handling systems in the supply chain.

There are many software systems available to our plastics converting industry which have an aim to improve quality and reduce interruptions on the shopfloor by measuring and providing in time data which allow you to control your processes in a better way. Bob Dedekind of Aspect Productivity Technology will present on “If you’re not measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), start today”.

Bellow is the event program:

5:30-6:00 Registration and Refreshments

6:00-6:05 Welcome

Han Michel, NSW Representative SPE: A-NZ Section and Grahame Aston, President of PIMA

6:05-6:35 Advantages of Pick and Place Robots

Peter Lucas, MD, Wittmann-Battenfeld, Melbourne

6:35-7:05 Hold that cap! Plastic bottle capping

Ray Mallet, MD, GMD Innovation, Cronulla

7:05-7:25 Break

7:25-7:55 End of Line Robotics and Materials Handling

David Husband, National Sales Manager, Robotic Automation, Melbourne

7:55-8:25 If you’re not measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) start today

Bob Dedekind, Technical Manager, Aspect Productivity Technology, NZ

8:25-8:30 Closing Remarks

Grahame Aston, President of PIMA and Han Michel, Representative for NSW, SPE: A-NZ Section

For further information contact Han Michel on 0416 168 255 or

This is a joint PIMA/SPE seminar supported equally by PIMA and SPE.

This event is sponsored by:

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