Plastics and the Circular Economy –The Virtual Edition

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The Annual Plastics and Waste Conference organised by the Australia-New Zealand Section

of the Society of Plastics Engineers will be run as a series of webinars under the title of

“Plastics and the Circular Economy – The Virtual Edition” and will feature more than 20 presentations.

The Conference will have 4 separate sessions during the week from Monday 16th to Friday

20th November 2020.

The first Session will be on Monday evening 16th November and will feature 6 speakers

mainly from Europe including an update by Juliet Lennon from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

and the latest news on plastics recycling technology from Nextek by Professor Edward


The second Session will be on Tuesday morning 17th November with 4 speakers. This morning session will commence with a Keynote address by the CEO of APCO, Brooke

Donnelly, and will include a presentation by The Alliance to End Plastic Waste represented

by its CEO, Jacob Duer.

The third Session will be on Thursday morning 19th November with 5 speakers and will focus on advances by the recycling industry in Australia. This Session will include Vik Bansal, the CEO of Cleanaway, and others are: Andrew Smith from the PACT Group, David Francis from Qenos and Mitchell Killeen from LyondellBasell.

The fourth Session will be on Friday morning 20th November and will feature 5 speakers from the USA including Steve Alexander, the CEO of the Association of Plastics Recyclers, and the global President of the Society of Plastics Engineers, Jaime Gomez.

In this COVID-19 year, we have all had to change the way we work and work together. With

supply chains being reviewed, we have an excellent opportunity to re-shape the industry in

Australia and speed up the transformation to the Circular Economy, so we encourage you to

make your contribution and be a part of this Conference.

Draft Program:

Monday evening 16th November from 7 pm to 10 pm

- Technology and Equipment – Moderator – SPEANZ - Han Michel – President

  • Erema, Austria - Fritz Wimmer - Sales APAC

  • Nextek, UK and Australia - Professor Edward Kosior - CEO

  • Tangaroa Blue, Australia – Heidi Tait – CEO and Co-founder

  • PRE, Belgium, “LDPE films recycling” - Ton Emans - President, Plastics Recyclers Europe

  • Ellen MacArthur Foundation, UK - Juliet Lennon - Project Manager, Plastics Pact, The New Plastics Economy

  • LyondellBasell, The Netherlands, for JV LYB/Suez on Quality Circular Polymers - Paula Sanabria – Project Manager Circular Economy, Global Sustainability

Tuesday morning 17th November from 10 am to 12.30 pm

- Australia impact – Moderator - Kevin Thomson – SPEANZ – Chair Corporate Affairs

  • Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation - Brooke Donnelly - CEO

  • Australian Council of Recyclers - Pete Shmigel - CEO

  • Alliance to End Plastics Waste, Singapore - Jacob Duer - CEO

  • Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association - Gayle Sloan - CEO

Thursday morning 19th November from 10 am to 12.30 pm

- Local supply chain – Moderator – Steve Petinakis – SPEANZ – Member Committee of


  • Cleanaway - Vik Bansal - CEO

  • LyondellBasell Australia - Mitchell Killeen - Managing Director

  • Qenos - David Francis - Marketing and Technology Manager

  • PACT Group - Andrew Smith - General Manager Sustainability Services

  • Visy rPlastics Australia - Rob Dvorak - Manager Recycling Plant

Friday morning 20th November from 8.30 am to 11.00 am

- Americas – Moderator – Craig Benson – SPEANZ – Councillor

  • Gneuss, USA and Germany - Daniel Gneuss - CEO Americas

  • Society of Plastics Engineers, USA - Dr Jaime Gomez - President

  • Association Plastic Recyclers, USA - Steve Alexander - CEO

  • Extended Producer Responsibility, California, USA - TBN

  • Illig ILP North America, Conor Carlin, Managing Director and SPE - VP Sustainability

For more information on the program, please contact: Han Michel, mobile 0416 168 255, email:

Overall technical coordination of the webinar by Hamed Ghajarnia, mobile 0410 816 075, email:

General remarks

The SPE: A-NZ Section retains the right to alter and/or substitute components to the event or

program as deemed appropriate. The information which we supply in relation to the event is

accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of providing this information.

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