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Building & Construction-New Developments - 22 Apr 21

It has been a long time since the local SPE: A-NZ Section conducted an event about the Building & Construction area in Plastics. Many changes have been seen in this industry sector over the last years. This webinar will present on a few of the technology advancements in this sector.

The first presentation will be about a very different subject and is part of our series under “Plastics make it happen” to highlight how new inventions based on plastics improve society and humanity.

Join us and learn how Vaxxas is developing and commercialising a new application for vaccinations which have historically been given using syringes and needles; however, through Research & Development, Vaxxas has been able to develop their Nanopatch®

which is a device for a less invasive vaccine delivery technology that creates a more potent immune response.

The second presentation will be by BRANZ which is an independent research organisation in New Zealand that uses an impartial evidence-based approach to improving the performance of building systems in New Zealand. They transform insightful research into trusted, accessible, and actionable knowledge. Peter Whiting will share with us the latest news on “What is BRANZ”.

The third presentation will be by Craig Lovel from Huntsman Polyurethanes who will present on behalf of the Australian Modern Building Alliance. His presentation will be on the latest advances in polymers’ based building materials with as title “Polymers in Building and Construction: Building Code of Australia fire implications”.


Date/Time: Thursday, 22nd April 2021, 12:15 pm to 2:00 pm



12:15 pm to 12.20 pm Welcome

Lynley Crawford, Event Coordinator, SPE: A-NZ Section

12:20 pm to 12:45 pm

“Plastics make it happen” Series

The Nanopatch®

Michael Junger, Head of Medical Device & Process, Vaxxas, Woolloongabba, QLD

12:45 pm to 13:10 pm

What is BRANZ-How BRANZ helps us to build safer

Peter Whiting, Fire Testing Team Leader, BRANZ, Judgeford, NZ

13:10 pm to 13:35 pm

Polymers in Building and Construction: Building Code of Australia fire implications

Craig Lovel, on behalf of the Australian Modern Building Alliance, Melbourne

13:35 pm to 13:55 pm

Panel Discussion with Michael Junger, Peter Whiting, Craig Lovel and Lynley Crawford as moderator

13.55 pm to 14.00 pm

SPE announcements

Han Michel, President, SPE: A-NZ Section, Corlette, NSW

For more information contact Lynley Crawford by email: or mobile: 0477 647 508

Cancellation policy: No refunds within seven days of the event.

The seminar organizers retain the right to change the program without notice.

For further enquiries contact Lynley Crawford, 0477 647 508 or email:

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