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Plasticity is coming to Sydney. Plasticity has been running very successful events in a number of places in the World such as the USA, UK, China and the EU.

Under the title “Technology, Design and Knowledge - Driving Plastic Sustainability” Plasticity Forum had a great Plasticity California event with the ANTEC 2017 annual technical conference of the Society of Plastics Engineers — the largest plastics technical event in North America this year.

Topics in Sydney include: • Plastic sustainability at the heart of business models • Global perspective on waste stream economics • Inspiring end-markets – creative applications for recovered plastics • Rethinking the basics - decentralised processing, soft plastics collection, local closed-loop in action, community engagement solutions • Designing for the future - hassle-free packaging, supply chain overhaul, and scalable solutions • Capital markets view on funding circular economies • Sustainable brands

The SPE: A-NZ Section is pleased to announce that SPE members can make use of a special code to join in the conversation on Tuesday 31st October 2017 at this Plasticity Sydney event.

Contact Han Michel by email: hanmichel@bigpond.com or mobile: 0416 168 255 to obtain your code.

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