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Polymers & Additives

The players in our global plastics raw materials industry continue with developing innovative materials and bringing them to market.

We will benefit from having two representatives of these global companies with Australian representation making presentations on innovations at this SPE seminar.

Yvonne Mah from BASF Australia will present on new additives which allow users of polypropylene to create improved material clarity in a wide variety of applications.

John Meriton from Dupont Australia will present about a new material called DuPont™ Vizilon® thermoplastic composite (TPC). It belongs to a family of light weighting solutions that includes continuous fiber reinforced composite material with a polyamide matrix and can be used for light weighting and strengthening of originally metal based components.


5.30 - 6.00 pm

Registration and refreshments

6.00 - 6.10 pm

Welcome Roger Cater, CEO, PARTEC

6.10 - 6.40 pm

Next Generation Clarifier in Polypropylene Yvonne Mah, Business Development Manager, BASF Australia, Melbourne

6.40 - 7.10 pm

Break, refreshments and finger food

7.10 – 7.40 pm

DuPont™ Vizilon® Thermoplastic Composite and resin, a new system to replace traditional metal fabrication John Meriton, A-NZ Sales and Development Manager, Dupont Australia, Melbourne

7.40 – 7.50 pm

Announcements and closing remarks Roger Cater, CEO, PARTEC

7.50 – 8.30 pm

Refreshments and networking

For further information contact Han Michel on 0416 168 255 or hanmichel@bigpond.com

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