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Innovation in Packaging

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

A seminar with a difference

This seminar features two presentations on Innovations in Packaging. Andrew Kohn will present case studies of recent innovations in film packaging.

Auspouch will share the latest developments in pouch applications, a fast growing segment of the plastics packaging market.

A third presentation will cover the 2015-16 Australian Plastics Recycling Survey which for the first time covers all plastics, also as imported products. The figures will highlight data related to plastics packaging.

Aspect Productivity Technology will show how our plastics converting industry can improve automation and increase efficiency benefiting both the manufacturer and the packaging customer by using software technology. This software is ideally suited to the injection moulding and blow moulding packaging industry.

Innovations in Film Packaging

Daryl Farrow, Technical Manager, Andrew Kohn Pty Ltd, Dingley, VIC

Innovations in Pouches

Terry Waterson, Director, Auspouch, Castle Hill, NSW

2015-16 Australian Plastics Recycling Survey

Peter Allan, Principal Consultant, Sustainable Resource Use, Carlton

If you’re not measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), start today

Bob Dedekind, Technical Manager, Aspect Productivity Technology, NZ

For further information contact Han Michel on 0416 168 255 or hanmichel@bigpond.com

This event is sponsored by:

Andrew Kohn

Aspect Productivity Technology


SPE support Austech

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