• Hamed Ghajarnia

Plastics in Building and Construction Applications

This seminar will show us the way on what can be expected in future building & construction applications for plastics and will also provide an update on plastics insulation materials and new manufacturing of plastic window frames.

Manufacturing houses cheaper and faster can significantly be influenced by standardizing and modularizing the building supply chain. Warren McGregor of PrefabAus will show us how and present some examples on how plastics can make a contribution.

“What does it mean not to insulate” is the topic of the presentation by Steve Huxham of ASKIN Performance Panels. He is an expert on insulation materials and will show how plastic insulation materials differ in benefits.

IIoT or Industrial Internet of Things: How will this new era speed up the digital transformation in industrial processes such as used by our plastics processing industry? How could your factory benefit? Shane Ayerst will present on how Schneider Electric sees this transformation in the next years.

Dr. Tracy Wakefield of Plustec will present on bringing modern technology in window frames to Australia and has now produced the first Australian plastic window frames.

For further information contact Han Michel on 0416 168 255 or hanmichel@bigpond.com

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