• Hamed Ghajarnia

Developments in Packaging Materials Technology

This seminar explores the latest developments in Rigid Polypropylene developments from HMC in Thailand and the market in South East Asia. PP developments in rigid packaging offer a number of market advantages.

We then explore the latest developments on Barrier technology for polyolefins to bring novel applications and process improvements.

  • Pre-Amble on LYB and HMC Martyn Tickner, President of HMC Polymers and former Director of Polypropylene Europe for LyondellBasell

  • Innovations in Rigid Packaging - unlocking the full potential of Polypropylene Andreas Neumann, Innovation & Technology Manager HMC, Thailand

  • Innovation in EVOH Technology and Applications Kevin Diviny, Technical & Marketing Manager Niche Creation Network, Victoria

For further information contact Craig Benson on 0417 373 004, designau23@gmail.com

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