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PCE 2020 Speakers Review - Fritz Wimmer

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The SPE: A-NZ Section is proud to announce that Fritz Wimmer, will present on Monday (16th of November) session from 7.00 pm to 7.30 pm at the SPE A-NZ Annual Conference.

Presentation - Efficiency in pelletising post-consumer plastic waste – new opportunities and current product innovations:  PE & PET food grade recycling

Fritz Wimmer joined EREMA in 1998 and is the Area Sales Manager for the Asia Region. He has played an active role in the expansion of the market in this region for recycling equipment for EREMA. Due to his long years of working in different areas of plastics recycling, he gained immense experience and thus is an appreciated partner for projects with many customers in the area.

After completing his studies, he has worked primarily in the sales of machines to the Asian markets in sectors such as the textile machinery industry until the branch suffered from the general downturn. His experience in this latter industry brought him in contact with plastic fibre recycling which made the switch to the plastics recycling industry much easier.

Fritz Wimmer graduated in Mechanical Engineering and obtained Post-Graduate education in International Trade and Marketing.

For full conference details and the program, visit here.

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