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Innovation in Packaging

A Collaboration between the AIP and SPE: A-NZ Section

This joint AIP/SPE seminar will focus on Innovation in Packaging. It will also include a

presentation on data about Plastics Recycling in Australia.

James Harrington of LyondellBasell Australia will present on Innovations in Rigid

Polypropylene Packaging with as sub-title “Super PP: Faster, thinner, stiffer, tougher,


In a follow up presentation Yvonne Mah of BASF Australia will talk about: “Next Generation Clarifier in Polypropylene”.

Terry Waterson of Auspouch will share the latest developments in pouch applications, a fast growing segment of the plastics packaging market.

A third presentation by Peter Allan of Sustainable Resource Use will cover the 2015-16. Australian Plastics Recycling Survey which for the first time covers all plastics, also as imported products. He will highlight the survey data related to plastics packaging.


6.00-6.05 pm


Han Michel, NSW Representative SPE: A-NZ Section and Jo Cockerill,

Chair, Central Region, AIP

6.05 - 6.35 pm

Polypropylene in Rigid Packaging Applications

James Harrington, Sales & Market Manager, LyondellBasell Australia,

South Yarra, VIC

6.35 - 7.05 pm

Next Generation Clarifier in Polypropylene

Yvonne Mah, Business Development Manager, BASF Australia,Southbank, VIC

7.05 - 7.25 pm


7.25 – 7.55 pm

Innovations in Pouches Terry Waterson, Director, Auspouch, Castle Hill, NSW

7.55 – 8.25 pm

2015-16 Australian Plastics Recycling Survey Peter Allan, Principal Consultant, Sustainable Resource Use, Carlton, VIC

8.25 – 8.30 pm

Closing Remarks

Jo Cockerill, Chair Central Region, AIP and Han Michel, Representative for NSW, SPE: A-NZ Section

8.30 – 9.30 pm

Refreshments, Finger Food and Networking

For further information contact Han Michel on 0416 168 255 or hanmichel@bigpond.com

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